Personal Branding 

Are you Woman-Owned business or Entrepreneur ready to make a remarkable first impression, and immediately connect with your dream client?

You're in the right place!


Camille Percy Branding Photography specializes in helping women business owners thrive online by taking their brand & online presence to the next level!

Personal Branding Photography helps establish a relationship between you and your audience by capturing the authentic person behind the brand. People buy from people, not brands; they want to know who they’re investing in. In order to engage your clients, while building trust and credibility you need to utilize right photos!

Top reasons to invest in Personal Branding Photography:

1. Refresh your website.

2. Rebrand your business.

3. Update your marketing materials.

4. Use for social media advertising & Blog posts.

5. Bio for Speaking engagements & Book cover.

The Process:

1. We’ll start with a Creative Consultation to get clear about you, your brand, who you serve, and your session goals.  We'll also discuss wardrobe, styling, accessories, hair and make-up. Then wrap up with locations that best fits your brand and props that might be helpful.  

2.  The big day is here, time for your Personal Branding Photo Session!  Relax, have fun, dance and laugh out loud! Don't worry, I'lI guide and coach you through each pose. 

3. Your photos will be sent to your personal online galley within a day. After you've made your selections, your edited photos will be added 5-7 days later.


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