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Meet The Woman Behind the Brand

Hi, I'm Camille!  

brand photographer | brand strategist 


Here's a little backstory...


A few years ago my husband and good girlfriend encouraged me to pursue my love for photography and start a side hustle. Little did I know, that would set the stage for me to become a Brand Photographer. 


I jumped in head first, combined my passion for photography, with the skills and lessons I acquired throughout my 17+ years career in Banking & Finance and made a plan. I got strategic with my branding and marketing, was clear about my niche, remained visible and scaled my business.

Today, I'm a full time entrepreneur who help women entrepreneurs confidently show up and be seen as industry leaders to successfully grow their brand. My driving force behind Camille Percy Branding is to help women master their brand message, be seen as the experts they are and increase their business revenue!

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me working with women entrepreneurs 1:1 teaching them tips and strategies to monetize their Instagram pages, and make consistent sales in their businesses!  

A few fun facts about me:

1. In addition to Branding, I also offer Boudoir Photography to help women celebrate themselves and life's milestones.

Click here to view my Boudoir page.

2. I'm a Caribbean Girl, born and raised in Dominica. 

3. I'm Allergic to Alcohol.

4. Snakes Terrify Me!

5. I have a big sweet tooth, and love deserts


Your turn, share a fun fact about yourself during our consultation call. Use the botton below to schedule your free call today.

I'm thrilled to have you here, and I can't wait to learn more about you and your brand!

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