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Thank You For Booking!

I'm so excited and thankful that you booked a Brand Photo session with me. I cannot wait to plan and create amazing images for your business! 

To help you prepare for your upcoming session, I've compiled a list of things to help plan ahead and minimize stress and overwhelm. Please continue reading for tips on locations, hair, makeup, props and outfits.

I'm Excited About Your Upcoming Session!



The location is one of the most important aspects of your photo

session! It sets the tone for your brand and can vary based on your business, branding goal, and vision for the overall look of your



Location can range from your home, outdoors, studio or other

custom indoor location. I prefer locations that are decorated in a

way that compliments my clients personality

and business. If you have a preferred location in mind please let me know so that we can discuss all options.


All packages includes access to my Camille Percy Branding Studio.



Your outfits are a crucial part of your Brand Photo session and should be planned with lots of care and consideration! The clothes you choose should authentically represent you, your  business, and your brand message.


I highly recommend incorporating your brand colors into your wardrobe. Here are a few tips to help when choosing your outfits: select clothing that is comfortable and aren't too loose or too tight, avoid bright color, distracting patterns and graphics.


Outfits choices can range from dresses, jeans, blazers, suits, pants, skirts, blouses and button downs, all of which should all be chosen with your business branding in mind.


Hair. Nails. Makeup

Your Brand Photos are a usually the first impression a potential client has of you as a business owner. Take the time to look your best and make a great first impression!


Be sure your hair is styled in a manner that compliments both you and your business. Do not try a new hairstyle for your photo session without practicing first.


Your nails are photographed more than you realize! Think about it, photos holding your phone, writing in your journal, touching your hair or any of the many other poses you'll likely do. Get your nails done, even if they are quick press on nails!


Make-up is a must for your photo session! Whether it's done professionally or by you, full glam or lashes and lip gloss. Whichever option you decide is okay, just get it done.

Do not skip these important parts of preparing for your brand photo session. Makeup is included with Daisy & Jasmine Packages.



Props are an essential part of your session, for a number of reasons. They add personality and color to your photos, and when used correctly can help you form a connection with your ideal clients!


When considering props an important tip is to incorporate your essential business items into your session. Include a few items that you use during the day to day functions of your business. For example as a photographer I'd include my camera, speed-light and lens along with my laptop since they are all essential to my business.


Make it personal by adding a few of your favorite things! For example, if you're a tea or coffee drinker bring a tea bag and your favorite mug. If you have a favorite snack such as M&Ms or popcorn, add them as part of your session.


Think about the items you need to function in your business, your favorite things and items that are aesthetically beautiful.


Here are a few common props:

-Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone

-Custom T-Shirts or Clothing

- Coffee or Tea Mug

- Brochures, Guides and Printouts

- Journal, notebook or Planner

- Personalized Signs, Brochure or Print Outs

- Floral Arrangement or Plant


Jewelry & accessories

When selecting your outfits for your session do not overlook your jewelry and accessories.


The right accessories can take your outfit from plain to glam! I always recommend adding them as part of your outfit for your session. Plan ahead and customize each outfit with a new set of jewelry. Mix it up by bringing multiple sets of jewelry.

Here is a list of some of the most common Jewelry and Accessories:

- Ring

- Earring

- Bracelet

- Necklace

- Purse

- Shoes

- Broach


4 copy.png

1. The remaining balance for your session  is due 3-Days before our session date.


2. After our session all photos will be sent to you for viewing. Once you've selected your favorites photos they will be edited and added to your gallery. Please allow a 7-12 day turnaround time for editing. A 3-day rush editing is available $150. Unedited photos will not be provided to clients.


3. Additional photos can be purchased for $15 per photo.


4. A travel fee of $50 will be assessed for sessions taking place over 20 miles $75 for 30+ miles  from 77047.


5. CamillePercy Branding Studio rental is included for all packages. Alternate locations are welcomed.


6. Package prices are based on one person, Jasmine includes up to two people. A fee of $250 per person will be charged for additions to your session. Exception for client interaction photos on a case by case basis. 


7. If you're interested in booking more than your allotted booked time,

there will be an additional cost of $200 per hour, or $100 for 30 minutes. Subject to availability and provided that there isn't another booking immediately after your session.


8. My editing style is light, bright and vibrant. It's not washed out white, nor is it dark and edgy.

7 copy.png

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