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Sis, it's time to create a Premium Brand that skyrockets your online presence! Whether you're starting a new business, or pivoting in your current business Brand Clarity & Strategy is key.

Imagine if you:
-Created a stand out brand that resonates with your dream clients!
- Experienced increased booking and revenue for your business!

It's possible...with the right branding Strategy!

 Brand clarity & strategy is the first step in building a successful business, and comes before Brand Photos and Marketing.

90 Minute Canva Intensive!

Sis, are you ready to go from canva confused to Canva confident? This custom 1:1 session is designed to help you learn how to better use Canva. You'll learn easy, step-by-step instructions how to create eye catching on-brand designs!

What's Included: 

✨ A 90-Minutes Canva Intensive Session

✨ Recorded Zoom Replay

✨ Custom tips & training based your specific need

✨ Time saving tricks & shortcuts for easy designing

CreativeBoost Session!

This creative brainstorm session is ideal for:

💡Brain dump sessions to help whiteboard your business ideas

💡Brainstorming and flushing out ideas for your brand.

💡Content ideas for social media


Note: this is not a coaching session.

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